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DNS24, your free DNS service.

Welcome to DNS24! DNS24 is a free DNS hosting service, offering a complete and comprehensive set of DNS management features, complemented by dynamic DNS support and URL redirection - free of charge!

Are you looking for a nameserver with no restrictions, and an easy and intuitive management interface? If you have one or more domains but no name server or if you're not happy with the DNS services offered by your internet provider, DNS24 is just what you need. Get started.

Do you have a dynamic IP address but would like to have easy access to your NAS or Cloud server when you're out? Or maybe run a mailserver, a VPN or a fileserver at home? Many things require a for-a-fee fixed IP address, but a dynamic DNS service can often be an affordable alternative. Get started.

Latest updates:

2023/09/13:Database propagations are working again. There was a slight mishap during a server migration at the beginning of September which meant propagation was being refused.

2023/08/02:For our Swiss users: yes, we are aware that our billing procedure needs updating to issue QR codes instead of the old fashioned orange BESR payment slips. It is work in progress.

2023/08/02:Due to the insistent "complaints" of a dynamic DNS user, we have discovered (and fixed) a ten-year old bug in the account maintenance code. Peter (name changed), it was a pleasure talking to you on the phone. Many thanks for your patience and insistence!

2023/06/25:The email forwarding facility has been migrated to a new platform, with improved features such as inbound and outbound TLS, rate limiting etc.

2023/06/01:Two items today - (a) this morning a number of "inactive" notes were erroneously sent out. Many users have already been in touch, worried about what was going on. We apologise, it was a configuration mistake on our side, an unforeseen side effect of our work on mitigating the DDoS attack. Please ignore it. (b) it looks like we have been able to finally do something about the DDoS attacks. As of about 1400CET today, everything should be back in working order.

2023/05/30:A number of users have already noticed - we seem to be the target of a running DDoS attack. It may not be intentional, but since 21 May, it has been causing some denial of service. DNS24 was never planned for sustained high performance, but we have now upgraded both nameservers to 8 cores each. Later, we will be adding a third nameserver, also with 8 cores.

2023/05/13:Almost two years since the last news update! Not a lot to report. We are preparing a hardware upgrade as well as a new ns3. The new ns3 should go unnoticed, but the hardware upgrade/migration might cause a minor outage. More on that as we get closer, no fixed date yet.

2021/05/14:The last four days have been quite intense - electricians swarming everywhere :-) Right up until today we had even avoided any service outage, but around 1500, our emergency electricity feed failed and nobody noticed. After running an hour on batteries, everything shut down, so unfortunately we were still out between 1500 and 1700, approximately.

2021/03/25:While we are still waiting for the primary server to be replaced, normal operation has been restored, i.e. the secondary nameserver is now resolving lookups. In response to the erroneously sent out "domain(s) inactive" mails, we have reset all of "deletion pending" flags. In other words, you no longer need to click to keep your domain(s).

2021/03/22:Due to a hardware fault, the primary nameserver was out of service between 00:10 and (approx) 10:00 CET. For some reason, the secondary nameserver was not queried or did not respond - we are still investigating. Additionally, a number of "domain(s) inactive" mails were sent out. We apologise for the upheaval, please just press "keep" for those dmains and they will be fine.

2020/12/02:As some of you will have noticed, for a while now we have had trouble issuing invoices. It has been very difficult tracking down, but eventually turned out to be our own fault. Unfortunately, we were a little too zealous when upgrading the Content Security Policy, but this has now finally been corrected. All customers who have upgraded their dynDNS service level without being able to pay will receive a full year service, free of charge. Many thanks for your patience!.

2019/10/24:After more than four years (1611 days) of uninterrupted uptime, last weekend one of storage servers decided to take a break. Unfortunately, while we were busy helping other customers recover their services, DNS24 had to wait a little longer. While the basic DNS services were unaffected, the user interface was not accessible. We are grateful for those of our users who just waited patiently, but we are even more grateful for those who wrote to ask or even called up to inquire. We sometimes forget how important we are to our users, our sincere apologies.

2018/12/18:With the help of a couple of our users, we have finally tracked down the database issue that has been causing time-outs and deadlocks for a while. I won't mention any names, you know who you are. Many thanks for being so insistent.

2018/11/21:For 1536 and 2048bit DKIM records: please see the support page.

2018/09/11:Very cool - at openSUSE, there is now a small project offering a DNS24 update client!!.

2018/08/28:We are now assuming the incident mentioned below was due to a website sql injection attack. We did a fast audit late Sunday, found two weaknesses and quickly fixed them. Monday morning Reto Schädler from Honeypot GmbH helped us identify a third weakness which was also quickly fixed.

2018/08/26:For as yet unknown reasons, the password hashes for use with dynamic updates got corrupted Friday 24 August. To correct the problem, we had to reset all dynamic DNS password hashes. The affected users have all been individually notified.

newyear 2018/01/02:Following a user request, we have updated the dynamic DNS service to also support TXT records. This will hopefully be useful to anyone attempting to use Let's Encrypt with the 'dns-01' authentication method.

2017/11/09:We had a minor power outage on 5 November, which unfortunately meant new registrations could not be processed until today. We apologise for the d elay.

2017/10/23:Due to a failing NFS server, access to our website and dynamic DNS has been somewhat erratic over the weekend. The DNS service itself was not aff ected.

cake 2017/10/01:Having gone operational on 1 October 2012, today is our 5th birthday! Our first hosted domain was a month later on 1 November 2012. We have since then grown to serve a world-wide audience, hosting some 400 domains, as well as more than 1000 dynamic hosts.

2017/09/30:bind upgraded to version 9.10.6. CAA records now supported.

2017/02/28:Due to a server with spurious ECC memory errors, the dynamic DNS service has been somewhat unreliable since beginning of the month. We replaced the entire memory today.

2017/01/13:Yesterday, 12 January, we suffered a lengthy power outage, which left the management functions and the dynamic DNS out-of-order for most of the day. The regular DNS function was not affected.

2016/07/02:By default, the admin zone is now accessible by https only. The X509 SSL certificate was kindly provided by Let's Encrypt.

2016/05/30:Registration of new users is working again. Unfortunately, new users have been unable to register for about 4 weeks. Anyone who attempted to register during that time will have received the necessary information today. Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay.

2015/11/15:The mailing list is working again. A while ago, the mailman server was virtualised. Unfortunately this meant we no longer had access to it. This has now been fixed.

2015/11/14:Due to a firewall issue, a number of dynamic DNS invoices were recently sent out with an empty PDF file. We will be re-issuing these shortly.

2015/10/30:Important: tomorrow 2015/10/31 from 13:00 to 16:00 CET, due to infrastructure update in our datacentre, DNS24 will be off-line.

2015/10/30:Due to a database issue, a number of notifications regarding "inactive domain" were sent out this morning. You may safely ignore these.

2015/09/18:With immediate effect, the DNS24 nameservers are now also reachable over IPv6.

2015/09/18:Due to a minor power issue, we have been unable to issue to new userids for about four days.

2015/08/19:IPv6 outage: due to an upstream router issue, we have been without IPv6 connectivity, possibly for some time. It has been fixed as of this morning.

2015/06/01:We have enabled secure dynamic DNS updates. You will now also be able to do ddns updates directly from many popular routers and xDSL modems. The DDNS howto will be updated shortly.

2015/05/02:Due to a change of IP-ranges (IPv4 and IPv6), many users have experienced problems communi­cating with us via the support-form as well as registering new userids. We apologise, it should be fixed now.

2015/04/15:We have enabled https for the entire DNS24 website, most importantly for the login and admin pages. Please see the login page for further information.

2015/04/12:Wildcards in dynamic DNS: with immediate effect, we have enabled the use of '*' (asterisk) as a hostname for use in dynamic DNS updates. This allows you to map several names to one IP-address.

2015/03/31:This morning at 07:12 CET, a number of "inactive" reports were sent out by mistake, please ignore.

2014/11/19:URL redirection made easier: the CNAME record pointing to '' is no longer required. Thanks for the suggestion (you know who you are).

2014/08/01:Record number of new users in one month - in July we registered 30 new users spanning a wide range of countries: Switzerland, China, Germany, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Rumania and the Philippines.

2014/01/18:we have added support for URL redirection. URL redirection may be added to any domain and hostname using the new record type 'URL'. Please refer to support for further details.

present2014/01/01:our New Year's Gift to you - following extensive testing and evaluation by selected users, dynamic DNS service level "Full" has been made publicly available, including 30 days free trial.

Getting started:

To start managing your DNS domain settings with DNS24, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Go to new user and follow the instructions to register a user account with DNS24.
  2. Log in and use our easy interface to set up your zone file data.
  3. Update your domain to use our nameservers (via your domain registrar's website).

Our dynamic DNS service comes with two service levels: Basic and Full. The Basic level provides the functionality we expect most people to want and is offered free of charge. The Full level adds some extra functionality which we offer for a token fee of CHF25/annum. With our dynamic DNS, you are free to use your own domain(s) or our "".
Dynamic DNS howto: The DNS24 dynamic DNS howto

DNS24 is operated by ENIDAN Technologies GmbH in Herrliberg, Switzerland. More about us.

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